Our Process

Feasibility Studies

We commence our work with a site visit to ensure that the site is appropriate for a solar farm and to assess its potential capacity.

We also undertake the following activities:

  • Land registry and title searches for the site
  • Pre-application discussions with the Local Planning Authority
  • Estimate the cost of grid connection for the solar farm.
At this stage we ask that you sign an exclusivity agreement so that we are able to invest in the necessary feasibility studies.

Commercial and Legal

Once we have established that the land is suitable for a solar farm we ask the landowner to sign an option to lease the land to us. The lease contains a generous annual rental payment and typically lasts for 26-30 years with payments linked to the RPI.


Luminous Energy prepares the majority of the planning and environmental studies required as part of the planning application. At this stage we also consult with the local community to help inform the design of the solar farm. Together with our commitment to working with planning authorities and statutory consultees, this helps ensure that our projects have an easy passage through the planning process.

Grid Connection

We work with construction partners who undertakes the necessary mechanical and electrical design for the solar farm. Once this is complete we submit the plans as part of an application to connect the solar farm to the grid.


The construction process usually takes just 12-16 weeks. Luminous Energy partners with the best construction contractors to ensure that all installation and grid connection works occur on time and budget with minimum of disruption to the landowner.

Luminous Energy is currently seeking suitable sites to lease for solar farms across the UK. Find out if you have a site that might be suitable for a solar farm.

Land with a solar farm on it can have a dual use, so that it can be used for agricultural use at the same time as energy generation thus securing a predictable income all year.