In Planning

Following a successful 2017 where all of the projects we submitted into planning received permission we are currently preparing new sites to submit in 2018.

Luminous Energy considers engagement with local communities to be one of the most important factors when developing a solar farm or battery storage project. This process begins once a draft layout has been prepared for the solar farm and involves meetings with who live closest to the proposed development.

We also hold a public consultation event for each project, where we invite members of the local community to an exhibition explaining key information about the development. This process helps us to understand and respond to any comments from the local community has and enables us to adapt the design accordingly.

Community engagement also allows us to meet and hear from local businesses, conservation and wildlife groups and beekeepers who can help shape the design of the solar farm and become actively involved in the construction and operational phases of the solar farm.

We understand that local communities will be interested in the status of any planning applications and have therefore created this page to provide information about submitted planning applications that are yet to be determined.